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Using Crayon Syntax Highlighter in WordPress Blogger

Oct 23, 2012   //   by Jagan Krishnaraj   //   Uncategorized  //  5 Comments

I just started the programmers guide blog to share my knowledge with the world. When i try to post tutorials, i have to use original code samples to demonstrate people. It seems unprofessional when using the plain text to paste the code in blog post. I wondered if there is any software that provides same visual theme of code like as seen in program editor and to my surprise “Crayon Syntax highlighter” made it possible

Just it took seconds to install the “Crayon syntax highlighter” to this blog. It delivered same visual appearance of code in blog post like the code was seen in program editor like context or Dreamweaver etc.

But still this syntax highlighter was unavilable for Google Blogger.

After installing I wondered how to use this plugin to display the code,

It was as simple as that, Just placing the code between crayon attributes & crayon made the plain text code the visual look of program editor

The detialed instructions are here

Crayon Attributes settings


Crayon syntax highlighter supports more than 13 languages & it’s functionality are awesome

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