Tremendously increase the chances of getting IRCTC tatkal tickets through

Facebook-Advert simplify the process of booking tatkal tickets at Irctc site by providing a super simple way to fill tatkal forms in seconds accurately. This system help you save many seconds while booking tatkal tickets, because we know that every second of yours after 10AM matters most in getting confirmed tatkal tickets. By using this system you can tremendously increase the chances of getting confirmed tatkal tickets. Yes, It’s Free to use for everyone ! […]

Limiting Date value on one field based on date value on other date field using jQuery DatePicker

jQuery date picker is one of the easiest, light weight & most easily configurable for all websites. It can be used with JSP, ASP, PHP forms at an ease. You can confiure the date picker exactly like the way you need under the following link Demo   But those configurations are limited to single text box element alone. What do you do if you want to limit the date based on the date value in […]

Unblockable popup on Browser close event

Popup on browser close event can save lot of customers who try to abandon shopping cart by giving special offers. But most of the popups are blocked by browsers popup blockers. This is an un blockable popup browser close event. This is done using a javascript library moodalbox. You can use this for offering discounts, displaying messages etc.

Also included other codes Live Demo Download

Installing SSL certificate & Making entire wordpress site https


Installing SSL certificates to your Apache based Linux server makes all your information on your site delivered to the user browser through different port which makes a dedicated line between the server & browser. Also the information is encrypted before sending. Lets say you need to make particular pages of your site to be https, & all other pages of your site to be http. This methodology is possible in static HTML sites of previous decade, but not in […]

API // PHP Payment Gateway Integeration

authorize-net-obtaining-api-login-id-transaction-key remains popular payment method of all time. For programmers you can follow this PHP class to accept payments for your services in less than 10 minutes. Step 1 : You require account API Username & Password that should be obtained for your account. Go to and create your developer test account if you already don’t have one. Then Login to your account Goto Account -> Security Settings -> API login […]

5 Best Free Software’s to take awesome screenshots


For a developer, technical support, customer support or normal daily user, taking screenshots remain very important because you can store the information on your screen without any notes, notepad or pen. In this post i explain the 5 bestmethods i use to take screeshots. 1 Picasa Picasa is a freeware, the beauty of using picasa software to take screenshots is you can take screenshots on the go, just run picasa in the background and use print screen […]

Using Google Public DNS to access internet at amazing speed

BSNL 3G internet connection problem

I am using BSNL 3G connection to access internet at my laptop with “Tethering & Portable Hotspot”. I experienced an issue that probably most of them might expect on the same network. The issue is that all google websites like Gmail, Youtube are loading in amazing speed, but most of the other websites do not load at all. If i see in my browser status bar, It states Waiting for site. The browser waits […]

Best free data recovery software for corrupted/formatted SD card


Are you recieving any of the following if you plug in your precious memory card to your computer H:// drive is un accessible This volume contains unrecognized file system The total free & Used space on your card is zero bytes The file system is detected as RAW Then your Memory card or removable storage device is possibly corrupted. It’s hard to repair the corrupt card but you can recover 90% of data stored in […]

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